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  • Ultimate Clip Loader - Clear .22 Caliber

    $29.95 $21.95

    The McFadden Machine Co. Inc. Ultimate Clip Loader will save your thumbs and load a 10 round magazine in as little as 3 seconds! Just empty a 50 round box of 22 rimfire ammunition into the hopper of the loader, insert a magazine and remove. The magazine follower is held down by the adjustable detent screw for easy, rapid, and automatically loading. This loader will make a brick of 500 rounds disappear in no time. The only thing faster is unloading the magazine, with your gun! Made in the USA!

    Length: 11"

    Works for the following pistol magazines:

    • Ruger Mark II, III & 22/45
    • Colt Woodsmen Mag.
    • Old Military High Standard
    • Newer High Standard
    • Browning Buck Mark Pistols
    • Stoeger Luger

    Will not work with:

    • Beretta 89
    • Kimber Rimfire Target
    • S&W 41
    • S&W 422
    • S&W 622
    • Savage 66
    • Sig Sauer Mosquito
    • Walther GSP
    • Walther P22

    Note: This loader can be adjusted to load 11 rounds for use with our Tandemkross Plus1 magazine bumpers.